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Norsafe AS

norsafeWorld leader in advanced technology lifesaving systems

Norsafe develops, manufactures and supplies marine lifesaving systems for all types of ships and offshore installations, and has produced more than 24 000 lifeboats since 1903. Norsafe Group is fast expanding, has 950 employees worldwide and its headquarters in Arendal, Norway. The company has a worldwide involvement that includes production, sales, delivery and service of lifesaving equipment for ships and to the offshore industry. Norsafe has its own production and sales/service companies in Norway, China, Greece, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, USA, Japan, Brazil and the Netherlands. Norsafe offers 24/7/365 service for Life Saving Appliances (LSA) (phone: +47 37 05 63 33). In addition, Norsafe Group has a network of 45 authorised service partners spread across all continents. Through Norsafe Academy, the company offers courses and training, STCW95/OLF & OPITO. Norsafe is continually growing, and new daughter companies and service stations are currently being planned/developed. For further information, visit our website: and

World-leading manufacturer of:

  • Free-fall lifeboats
  • Conventional lifeboats
  • Rescue boats
  • Daughter crafts
  • Work boats
  • Professional boats
  • Military boats
  • Davits

Norsafe AS
P.O. Box 115
N-4852 Faervik

Phone: +47 37 05 85 00

Fax: +47 37 05 85 01
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free fall life boat

A free-fall lifeboat built for extreme offshore environments

Norsafe’s newly developed GES50 MKIII (Gravity Escape System) free-fall lifeboat was used in the company’s harshest and most extreme free-fall drop ever conducted.  While certified for heights of up to 47 metres, the advanced technology lifeboat was tested from a drop height of 61.53 metres on 26 September 2012.

The new lifeboat is specifically designed for safe evacuation from vessels or offshore constructions and is manufactured according to the latest DNV-OS-E406, SOLAS, and National Authority requirements. Its leading edge technology has been well received by the global oil and gas industry, and deliveries are currently being made to all continents as the new standards are increasingly adopted worldwide. The GES50 MKIII is the first model in a series of 3 of Norsafe’s newly developed free-fall lifeboats which comply with these new regulations and, as per February 2013, Norsafe’s GES50 MKIII exceeded an astounding 100 orders.

The boat is 50 feet long and has a capacity for 70 persons of 100 kg each. It is constructed with GRP (fire-resistant polyester) and the majority of its components – from the materials used in the lamination of this polyester, the components of the release hook and lifting pad eyes, the polyurethane buoyancy foam filled space between the hull and hull liner, and deck and deck liner – are all IACS approved. The design and construction offers reliable, low maintenance standby and operation, and the boat is designed for skid launch davits.
The vessel’s strong and solid design provides unsurpassed safety and security at sea.

Launch is activated by either of two fully independent hydraulic jack arrangements – both located on the transom. During a launch, one of the hydraulic jacks is used to lift the transom of the boat until the release hook is raised over the top of the davit-retaining bar. Embarkation is conducted through the aft door. Some 68 seats are positioned on either side of the central aisle and all are rear facing and anatomically designed with a 5-point adjustable safety harness to provide optimum safety. There are 2 helmsman seats positioned mid-ship. During the free-fall phase the seats are reclined so as to maintain the occupants in a horizontal orientation, which allows for a reduction of the force that the helmsmen experience during the drop phase. After the drop the seats can be quickly readjusted to the driving position. Although the average passenger weight is 100kg, the seats are designed to accommodate persons ranging from 150cm (50kg) to 210cm (150kg). The vessel is also equipped with securing points for one single SOLAS stretcher.

A triple-blade bronze propeller is located within a steering nozzle, offering improved manoeuvrability, increased bollard pull and added protection for any persons in the water. Local emergency steering is also provided. The boat is fitted with an approved 3200cc diesel engine, taking the vessel up to a top-speed at 11 knots. The electricity is supplied through two independent battery sources. The engine compartment is accessed from the top and is isolated, providing easy access during routine maintenance and inspection. Pressure relief valves on the aft bulkhead prevent under-pressure when the engine is running.

An internal air supply system aids evacuations involving fire and/or hazardous gases. The compressed air system provides air for persons on-board and engine combustion for a minimum of 10 minutes at 6 knots. This creates over-pressure inside the boat, preventing any intake from the external hazardous atmosphere. A water spray system with an engine-driven, self-priming centrifugal pump is fitted in the engine compartment, which creates a deluge over the surface of the lifeboat, protecting it from fire and maintaining cabin temperature. In addition, the sprinkler system is made of seawater-resistant aluminium pipe with spray nozzles and a low point of intake under the boat prevents flammable liquid from being drawn into the system.

Norsafe offers the following free-fall lifeboats and davits according to DNV-OS-E406:

  • GES45: low weight & flexible adaptation to existing davit solutions
  • GES50 MKIII: extreme-tested & certified for drop-heights up to 47m!
  • GES52: GL0437, Statoil guidelines, spacious and service-friendly

Norsafe also offers rescue-boats and davits according to NORSOK R-002:

  • Mako 655
  • Magnum 750
  • Magnum 850 twin-jet

For more information on the GES50 MKIII lifeboat, rescue boats or Norsafe’s range of products, please visit and

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