iOS 11 release date and features: Apple's iOS 11.3 update is coming to your iPhone 'imminently'

iOS 11 release date and features: Apple's iOS 11.3 update is coming to your iPhone 'imminently'

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It will include more information about your iPhone and iPad's battery health and advise when it needs a service

Apple may be about to set free its iOS 11.3 update, featuring new additions including a battery health monitor that will tell you whether your battery's performance is waning, offering recommendations when it should be serviced or replaced.

The availability of the update is likely to be revealed this week, with experts predicting it will be announced after the company's education event taking place in Chicago today.

Apple will also allow users to switch off the power management feature it first introduced in iOS 10.2.1, which dynamically manages maximum performance, shutting down the phone or tablet if it all gets too much. Apple explained switching off power management could mean the device shuts down without warning, but it means performance levels will remain speedy until it shuts down due to memory shortage.

Other, perhaps less exciting, features due to be introduced in iOS 11.3 include new animojis, including a lion and Apple Music enhancements, such as removal of ads for paid-for subscribers.

iOS 11.3's new Health Records feature to collate information from multiple medical sources and the user's Apple Health account, so those with participating health providers (presumably private health companies rather than the NHS), will be able to see all of their medical data in one place. Of course, for such private information, it will be fully secured and encrypted and protected with a passcode.

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