Lynn Bowles feels 'guilty' about leaving BBC Radio 2 after 18 years

Lynn Bowles feels 'guilty' about leaving BBC Radio 2 after 18 years

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Lynn Bowles waves goodbye to her BBC Radio 2 slot today – and she has admitted she is feeling pretty guilty about it.

Bowles has presented the weather on Ken Bruce’s BBC Radio 2 show for 18 years But today, on Thursday 29 March, she leaves it all behind her – and she’s admitted she feels a little guilty about it.

Speaking to Radio Times, Lynn, 55, said: ‘People have been saying “Mourning Thursday”.

So now I’m feeling like a bad person.’ It comes after Sir Terry Wogan’s naughty nickname for her was revealed as ‘Totty from Spotty’, referencing the area of Cardiff she was born in.

Of her moniker, she insisted: ‘It was just how we were on that show.

‘It was entirely innocent. I took part because I was very young in comparison to the fellows on there. ‘It was dearly meant and they treated me like a younger sister.’ Lynn admitted the reason she is quitting after nearly two decades has something to do with her 4am wake-up calls and being ‘a bit tired’.

She revealed she was quitting BBC Radio 2 earlier this month, writing on Twitter: 'Taps mic Helly' is this on? I have a small announcement. ‘After 275 years at @bbcradio2 I am leaving. There is not enough space where to say everything I would wish.

Apart, of course, from my debt of gratitude to the BBC and all those with whom I have worked.’ However the presenter, dubbed ‘Totty from Splotty’ (a reference to her Welsh roots) by Sir Terry Wogan, will keep presenting her live Saturday show, airing at 2pm, on BBC Radio Wales.

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